Tuesday, February 9, 2010

52 Things I Love About Jarrod Cards

Well- its true. I love Mr. P. With Valentine's Day right around the corner I have been thinking about what to do.

I remember that when we first got married my Mom told me that your husband is either a romantic man or a man you try to make romantic for the rest of your life together. After the first year of realizing I was experiencing some unrealistic expectations I decided to stop trying to make Mr. P into something he wasn't.

However, I can't help that I like to use Valentine's Day, his birthday, our anniversary, and other holidays to show Mr.P how much I love him.

I saw on Tatertots and Jello her playing card Valentine coupons and thought they were SUPER cute- but unrealistic for Mr. P. He would throw them in a drawer and never use them. So, I decided to use playing cards and the same idea to do 52 things I love about him on playing cards. Which, after I explained my idea to her, Michelle told me she saw them somewhere on some blog- but here is my version of the cards that once I googled I found here.

Some of my favorites include:
How cute our kids will be
Your Nice Butt
How easy it was to say yes to you and the rest of our life

I hope you enjoy and maybe found a cute idea for your man!

P.S. Today I got this from one of my kindergarteners--

Do you think they got ideas from my classroom decorations? Hehe :) In my defense: Mr. P does bare a striking resemblance to Edward!

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  1. Lemme guess...did a certain Foster child get you that?? :) I got one too!! LOVE IT! Don't even want to open it.

    PS--LOVE your gift for J-rod! ;)