Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well- I have joined the world of blogging. After spending hours of looking at craft blogs online I have decided to create my own and join the madness! I hope that my blog will help you get some good craft ideas for your house or gifts and that you will appreciate a little slice of humor with tales from my daily life.

To get you started I will tell you ten things you need to know about me:

1. I am a kindergarten teacher

2. I have been married 4 years to Mr. P, which is a rollercoaster in itself

I know we are cute ( I am skinnier here)

3. I can NOT ever sit still

4. We have two dogs... a pit bull named Captain Hamburger and a boxer named Sergeant Sausage
5. Mr. P is in school to be a pastor, which equals a lot of stress, coffee, praying, and other rants which you will be sure to hear about.
6. I am nicknamed the "sewing machine killer", which is something I hope to turn around in 2010.
7. I am a compulsive cleaner, multitasker, organizer, type A, etc...
8. My one area that does not pertain to #7 is that I am a CAR PIG... seriously... it gets scary sometimes.
9. I am the middle of two sisters, and we are night, day, and morning. Only genetics is a main bond.
10. I have one other crazy crafter, sewing, garage saling, Black Friday find a sale Cricut til you drop, friend named Michelle. We are kinda peas and carrots!
Anyway-drop by again for some projects and fun!