Friday, July 23, 2010

Holy Summer Batman!

Seriously- no excuse for being MIA for a long time. I am sure the two people (hey Kara and Michelle) that follow my blog have been missing me. Okay, well maybe the excuse that I am currently growing a human being inside of me might count as an excuse. That's right. Baby Phillips due February 1st. Mr. P and I are very excited and finally have hit that second trimester where my energy is coming back. I actually swept and mopped (enough dog hair to form a small terrier) from our downstairs last night. I have only really done 1 project this whole summer (gasp!) and it was changing our bedding, doing lots of spray painting (this is my excuse if our kid comes out wonky), and making a headboard. Besides that I have been sleeping and napping. The end.

Something fun to do will be that I am going to tell you 20 secrets- ready, get set, go!
20. Knitting scares me. It truly does. Counting, tying, big loops, little loops... its creepy.
19. I am obsessed with cheap Bic pens. I have a whole jar upstairs and a whole jar downstairs. I get really mad when I cannot locate a cheap Bic pen. They are the best.
18. My favorite week is the week before school starts and I listen to loud music and make my classroom totally cute. My least favorite week is the actual first week of school. It is too hot to think- let alone learn, and the kids need lots of training!
17. I love to watch Jane Austen movies. I have probably watched Sense and Sensibility at least 100 times and Pride and Prejudice too. I have read each book once. I must say the movies are easier to follow.
16. I should read my Bible more... less chick lit- more Scripture.
15. I became super self-conscious about upper arm jingle when I saw it randomly flap this past school year when I wrote on the board... messed me up big time.
14. I count Mr. P's gray hairs when he sleeps (current count-18).
13. I still worry about my childhood dog, Hershey. He lives at my parents house and is 14. I will breakdown when he dies.
12. I just learned to sew this past year and am getting much better. I made a whole baby quilt. By myself. Which is only slightly lopsided. And has a few holes.
11. I am terrified to become old and "out of the loop". AKA my grandma who thinks texting and emailing are exactly the same thing.
10. I am a constant worrier. Big things, little things, worry about it all.
9. I don't doo much on my blog because I don't like my camera. Give me $400 and I'll get a new one.
8. I love having good friends, but lose patience with ones that are too hard to maintain.
7. I wish I didn't tell Mr. P little fibs "what this vase? Totally got it for Christmas- duh!" (As I scrape off the HomeGoods tag.
6. Always wished I had an orange tabby cat- but I am allergic and everyone I know hates cats.
5. Will always remember my mom telling me, "Go to school. Do something for yourself. No one can ever take that away from you." Am proud of my degree... not the student loan payment, but the degree.
4. Also remember my mom telling me, "High school is overrated. Let's play hooky tomorrow and go shop." MMm... ok!
3. Has really good friends. Friends from childhood, friends from college, friends that know every secret, and friends that you don't talk to for a month- but its like you never left off.
2. I still play with my American Girl dolls. True story. My parents gave them to me (read: said you are grown up and married- you store them) about 2 years ago. About every 2 months I get them out, brush their hair, and enjoy them. Not creepy. Totally sentimental.
1. I am excited. About the next phase of life. Being a mom. It will be great.