Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now Returning to Regular Blogging

Well. I took a 'lil break from the world of blogging. It was all due to the following:

*my emo birthday

*girl's trip to California for a Kindergarten Conference

*yard saling

*spending some time with Mr. P

*being superbusy with church stuff

*listening to this weirdo

(disclaimer: it is total weirdness, but a new obsession)

*making baby shower gifts

*trying to make birthday gifts (craftastrophe people)

*being lazy

However, on the uplook, next week is Spring Break- so I am excited to get LOTS of things done and to do a fun overnighter with some girl friends and seeing the Mr. P a little more than usual.
Well... I am alive. And will be tuning in next week to show off my cool chair birthday present and some good Easter projects.

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