Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Cuties in Tutu's

Well my good friend Karen just welcomed their second sweet little girl into their family. Big sister Jadyn now has little sister Ziara. (Zee-are-ah). I know... I needed help pronouncing that one too! (just kidding Karen). Karen and I have been friends for over 10 years. She was my manager at Old Navy, my first real job. I love her. I love her kids. She has spunk.

I had hoped to plan Karen a little "Sprinkle" to welcome in her newest addition, but with her working a gajillion hours (true time span people) right up until her water broke, it didn't happen. Instead I worked on two applique outfits for the biggie and the lil girl.

Aren't they cute? I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for both on fabric using the Schoolbook cartridge. I then ironed it on mirror-image style to the wonder under and sewed it on. I had red and light blue tulle and I thought the black and white polka dot material made a great contrast. I used the basic concept from Joy's Hope to do the tutu part.

Here is Jadyn, proudly modeling her tutu shirt. I am told she loves it dearly and likes to dance around in it. I am anxiously awaiting her first recital. :)

So cute huh? Isn't she yummy? She still has some room to grow into it- but last I heard she has been growing lots!
These were SUPER easy and fun to make. I am glad the girls enjoy them. Congrats Karen and Darren! I love you guys and am so happy to see your family grow with God's great blessings!

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